Covid 19 and Shipping Update.

We are shipping to ALL OF the following destinations




Austria No restrictions
Belgium Internal delays
Bulgaria Internal delays
Canada No restrictions
Denmark No restrictions
Finland No restrictions
France Internal delays on all mail. The French Post Office have limited the size of items to the following dimensions; 32cm x 24cm x 24cm. Social Distancing is in effect and thus they cannot guarantee the delivery of larger items until these measures have been lifted.
Germany No restrictions
Greece No restrictions
Hungary No restrictions
Iceland No restrictions
Israel No restrictions
Italy Max item weight 25kgs, max length 120cm, max of all three dimensions 150cm
Latvia No restrictions
Lithuania Internal delays
Luxembourg Internal delays
Netherlands No restrictions
Norway No restrictions
Poland No restrictions
Portugal Delays to Madeira and Azores
Romania No restrictions
Slovakia No restrictions
Spain Internal delays
Switzerland Internal delays
United Kingdom No restrictions
USA No parcels service.
Letters, large envelopes and packets only

What to ExpectWe ARE shipping everyday to ALL of the above and the WHOLE of  the UK and Ireland 

With the situation being what it is, it is inevitable there will be some delays in shipping.

Some flights out of Ireland no longer operate on a daily basis.

For your local delivery information, we advise you to visit your country’s postal service providers website .

REGISTERED POST.  In most  cases now, customers will not be asked  to sign for items. Your postman will sign for the items in your presence and with your consent.

We will be keeping a close eye on events and if anything changes we will update this post.